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Evonik penalised for emissions

Evonik has reached a settlement with the US EPA for exceeding permitted emission limits of ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol at its speciality surfactants facility in Reserve, Louisiana. Both are regulated as hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) under the Clean Air Act.

This followed an inspection on 18 April 2033 and an information request on 27 September, which concluded that emissions had exceeded the permitted levels. Evonik shut down the operations from 18 November until 3 February 2023, when it installed a temporary flare that can remove 98% or more of HAP emissions.

The company has agreed to pay a fine of $75,000 and spend at least $335,000 for a voluntary supplemental environmental project. It will also take multiple further actions, notably:

* Installing a thermal oxidiser capable of removing 99.9% of HAP emissions, and a permanent flare within 365 days

* Implementing an enhanced leak detection and repair program within 60 days of the agreement

* Installing a vapour recovery system for the facility’s truck loading docks by the end of 2026 so that air pollutants and vapours from it are routed to the new control devices

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