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CABB to invest at Finnish agro site

The CABB Group has said that it will invest over €50 million by 2025 to expand facilities at its agrochemical manufacturing site in Kokkola, Finland. Eight new chemical reactors and a new packaging plant were commissioned in September, largely as a result of a long-term supply contract with a new customer from the crop protection industry. Further ‘double-digit millions’ investments are currently being made or in the pipeline.

A new office building for such central functions as HSE, finance, administration and supply chain is also being constructed and should be completed in Q1 2024. This is designed to operate CO2-neutrally, using heat captured from manufacturing processes and solar panels on the roof of the building.

CABB Kokkola is also working to improve sustainability. Since the start of 2020, production energy has been sourced entirely from wind and hydropower. The company is now testing replacement of heavy heating oils in the waste incineration plant that supplies the majority of the steam required for production with greener fuels. This could cut CO2 emissions by 6,000 tonnes/year, the firm said.

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