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Dow, Sasol launch eco-surfactants

Dow and Sasol both used this year’s SEPAWA Congress in Berlin on 25-27 October to launch surfactants that claim superior ecological profiles. In both cases, the products are based on collaboration with smaller, technology-based partners.

Dow developed EcoSense 2470 Surfactant with carbon recycling company LanzaTech Global, which recovers waste carbon then transforms into ethanol and on to surfactant ingredients. The company said that this is differentiated other biosurfactants and biobased surfactants in two ways: *

A production method using recycled carbon technology; and

* Combining water-attracting and water-repelling natures to give it versatile properties suitable for diverse home care applications and unique interfacial characteristics, leading to advantages in cleaning, foam or emulsion stabilisation

Meanwhile, Sasol Chemicals has used the sophorolipid technology of UK-based Holiferm with its own chemistry to create two new biosurfactant brands called Carinex SL and Livinex SL for the personal care and home care markets respectively. The two firms have been working together since March 2022.

Holiferm produces sophorolipids by fermentation from natural palm-free oils and/or sugars. The new grades are said to be fully biodegradable, but well-tolerated by aquatic organisms, acting as detergents, dispersants, emulsifiers, foaming agents or wetting agents, and to offer “mass produced, high performing and more sustainable solutions at competitive prices”.

Sasol Chemicals has also announced a partnership under which it will evaluate the effectiveness of Solugen’s bio-based ingredients, blends and derivatives in its household, personal care, and industrial and institutional cleaning surfactant formulations, initially focusing on chelating agents. These are made at Solugen’s Bioforge facility in Houston.

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