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BASF and Mazza Innovation partner on plant extracts

Canadian botanical extractions company, Mazza Innovation, has signed an exclusive, long-term agreement to supply global chemicals giant, BASF, with specific plant extracts to develop new solutions for cosmetic applications. The company produces the plant extracts using its patented PhytoClean technology, a water-based extraction method that concentrates bioactives in an eco-friendly way. 

“The PhytoClean Method is an environmentally sound way to produce standardised bioactive ingredients from plant biomass,” said Benjamin Lightburn, Mazza CEO. “By changing the polarity of water using temperature and pressure, the … method avoids the use of conventional extraction solvents. We gain access to such phytochemicals as phenolic compounds, polysaccharides and glycosides – all of which contribute to the biological activity of the plant extract.” 

With this collaboration, BASF will strengthen its innovative range of plant-derived active ingredients. New extraction processes are an important means of exploring novel high-performance plant-based solutions in areas such as anti-ageing actives. 

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