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Solvay partners with Ginkgo

Solvay has agreed a multi-year strategic collaboration with US firm Ginkgo Bioworks, which was formerly Zymergen. Under this, Solvay said, they will join forces “to unlock the power of synthetic biology as an enabler of more sustainable chemicals and materials, contributing to the transition towards more environmentally friendly solutions”.

This alliance will start by focusing on new sustainable biopolymers for markets ranging from home and personal care to agriculture and food. Solvay will also acquire a Ginkgo laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to establish a sustainable growth base in synthetic biology in this important biotech hub.

Renewable materials and biotechnology are seen as a key growth platform for Solvay. The current move, it said, will enable it to “integrate deep competencies in bioinformatics and data science, strain engineering, biocatalysis and fermentation processes, strengthening and accelerating the ability to scout, develop and turn into businesses the most valuable biotech-enabled opportunities”.

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