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Four become one in Seqens

Pharmaceutical synthesis and speciality ingredients firm Novacap has announced that it is combining all of its CDMO subsidiaries - PCI Synthesis, PCAS, Uetikon and Proteus – into a new company called Seqens. This is being rolled out over the 24 manufacturing plants and 3 R&D centres in Europe, North America and Asia during Q1, with signage and websites being updated accordingly. The management teams at each operation will remain in place.


“As Seqens, we can better leverage our strong expertise to develop and produce highly complex molecules with unique skills and the largest continuum of technologies available on the market. I am proud of what we have achieved so far, working across a range of fields such as QHSE, industrial methods and processes, quality, sales and marketing, finance, innovation, legal and more,” said Pierre Luzeau, formerly CEO of Novacaps and now CEO of Seqens.


Novacaps said that the name “refers naturally to the company’s core synthesis activities, combined with the sequencing of molecules, competencies and technologies to take science to the next level”. Seqens will have about 3,200 employees, including more than 300 scientists, engineers and other experts, working on the development, scale-up and manufacturing of drug substances from pre-clinical through to commercial phase. It also has a portfolio of APIs and proprietary products, and is active in the electronics, cosmetics, food and home care sectors.

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