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Casa Grande

Solvay plans eH2O2 facility

Solvay has announced plans to invest in an electronic-grade hydrogen peroxide (eH2O2) facility, its seventh, on a ten-hectare site in the Casa Grande’s Central Arizona Commerce Park (pictured). This will convert standard H2O2 into an ultra-high purity grade to clean silicon wafers for semiconductors, supporting growing manufacture in the US.

About 30 jobs will be created and construction of the first production line is scheduled to begin in 2023 with future expansions to be built as needed to support customer demand. The company claims to be a technology leader in eH2O2 as well as a major global producer of standard H2O2.

The new facility will be fully powered using renewable electricity, in line with the Solvay One Planet sustainability roadmap. Production equipment will be housed within an enclosed climate-controlled building, using proven technology already in use at other locations worldwide, including its site near Houston.

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