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Olon opens R&D centre

Italian CDMO Olon has opened its new R&D centre at its industrial plant and headquarters in Rodano, near Milan. This will be mainly dedicated to the development of APIs for the innovator and generic markets. It cost €10 million and will create 50 new jobs, bringing the total to 350 out of the 2,300 total.

Key features will include a laboratory for process safety and the study of scale-up and process transfer, an analytical R&D area, and a process development laboratory. All  skills will be interconnected and integrated, based on a model of continuous exchange, internally and with the global research network, which has seven other similar centres at sites in Italy, Spain, the USA and India.

“The goal we are pursuing is to create laboratories with teams focused on new technologies, or new technological applications, in order to develop innovative and highly sustainable processes for industrial production,” explained Giorgio Bertolini, VP of R&D Olon. “In particular, we are focusing on the introduction of continuous manufacturing, biocatalysis and photochemistry.”

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