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Sumitomo Chemical targets carbon neutrality

From 1 February, Sumitomo Chemical will establish a strategy council and a cross-functional team led by executive officers supervising research planning and coordination, Responsible Care and related functions to promote and formulate strategies for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. This will be based on four approaches:

* Minimising greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with its production activities through innovation, and deploying new technologies to that end

* Driving innovations for GHG emissions reduction regarding materials used in society, and provide products and solutions that contribute to carbon neutrality from a life-cycle assessment perspective

* Developing technologies for recovery, separation, use and storage of GHGs emitted from other industries and from communities *

Taking on the long-term challenge of developing carbon-negative technologies to reduce the absolute volume of GHGs in the atmosphere

“The team will play a major role in incorporating into the company’s strategies multifaceted approaches unique to a diversified chemical company,” the firm added. These will society-wide implementation of new energy-storage and -saving technologies, establishing effective carbon cycles, promoting the use of hydrogen and contributing to reducing emissions in the livestock and agricultural sectors.

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