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Olon, Capua

Olon acquires CapuaBioservices

Italian CDMO and generic API maker Olon has acquired its compatriot CapuaBioservices, which provides microbial fermentation services on undisclosed terms. This follows on from the acquisitions of Ricerca Biosciences’ Chemical division in mid-2017 and a manufacturing site in Mahad, India, which is closing within Q1 2019.

Olon CEO Paolo Tubertini said that the buy gives the company the “opportunity to accelerate growth by adding new CDMO projects and to be recognised as European leader in the CDMO of microbial fermentation, with total capacity of 4,500 m3. With this acquisition Olon has successfully finalised its three-year development plan,” he added.

Capua offers proteins, speciality small molecules and microorganisms for applications in pharmaceuticals, food, feed and other bio-industrial markets, based on a variety of bacterial, yeast and fungal systems. Its beta-lactam free site at Capua, near Naples, has a total fermentation capacity of about 1,400 m3 and employs about 200 people.

Olon added that no impact on jobs is planned, as it intends to invest in the site and pursue further business development. The company, which is based in Rodino, near Milan, employs about 1,500 people at ten manufacturing sites and turned over about $400 million in 2018 and had over 250 generic APIs, 31 as a CMO, and 33 chemical intermediates.

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