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BASF in biosurfactant alliances

BASF has signed two distinct partnerships agreements to expand its position in biobased surfactants. These deals were made, the company said, in response to “the ever-increasing needs of consumers for sustainable, natural and biodegradable ingredients and actives”.

BASF has taken a majority stake in Allied Carbon Solutions (ACS), a Japanese maker of biomass-derived surfactants. This includes an exclusive technology cooperation, a commercial agreement and joint product development in sophorolipids, a class of glycolipids, for use in surfactants with targeted performance.

The company has also concluded a strategic technology agreement with Holiferm, a UK start-up. This is focused on developing a process to produce by fermentation ingredients for other classes of glycolipids with potential for application in home and personal care, and industrial formulations. It will combine Holiferm’s production technology and process know-how with BASF’s already strong market position, the two said.

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