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Aceto consolidates six acquisitions

Aceto has consolidated and integrated its six manufacturing-related acquisitions of recent years to achieve what it called “a hybrid manufacturing/distribution model providing key benefits to its customers in high-growth end markets”. These include (bio)pharmaceuticals, vaccines, nutraceuticals, agriculture, cosmetics and speciality chemicals. The six are:

* A&C, a global GMP manufacturer of speciality excipients, buffers, process solutions and raw materials for biopharmaceuticals

* A&C Bio Buffer, a GMP manufacturer of custom buffer and chemical blend products for biopharmaceutical drug products and vaccines

* Cascade Chemistry, a North American maker of APIs, regulatory starting materials and advanced intermediates

* Finar, which makes pharmaceutical excipients, lab chemicals, aquaculture inputs and food grade additives

* Islechem, a speciality chemical manufacturer that also provides contract R&D, analytical services and technical support services

* Syntor Fine Chemicals, a fine chemical manufacturer offering process development and R&D services from the UK

“Our core competencies and operations now span three continents, as well as the entire R&D and product development/manufacturing spectrum,” said CEO Gilles Cottier. In all, Aceto’s operations in ten countries handle more than 3,000 products, including reagents and process aids, intermediates, APIs and excipients.

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