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Seqens partners with Rondol

CDMO Seqens is to partner with its French compatriot Rondol, a specialist in drug dosage extrusion technologies via hot melt extrusion. Their stated aim is “to accelerate the development and commercialisation of extruded dosage forms with improved bioavailability, reduced side effects and optimised manufacturing costs”. Seqens will implement the technique within its Seqens’Lab at Porcheville.

The pharmaceuticals industry has looked at extrusion for over 20 years because it offers highly precise mixing that can improve drug solubility improvement. This was long held back by the limitations to micro-scale extrusion equipment for the tiny volumes involved by comparison with other major industries that use the technique.

Rondol made a major breakthrough, with the launch of the first horizontal micro extrusion machines for pharmaceutical applications in 2019 and these were used to make Kaletra tablets for HIV. It then launched the All in One vertical extruder (pictured). This is claimed to further reduce the footprint and contamination risk, speed up cleaning and facilitates the integration of ancillary equipment for direct final dosage form.

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