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Noramco forms North American supply chain body

Noramco, an API supplier specialised in controlled substances, has launched Noramco Group, which it describes as a “comprehensive North American-based supply chain solution” for clinical and commercial APIs and drug products. Noramco Group unites the capabilities of three subsidiaries:

* Delaware-based Noramco itself, which supplies APIs for both branded and generic drugs that are used in over 350 products

* Purisys, a Georgia-based supplier of CDMO services and pharmaceutical reference standards, with specialised capabilities in controlled substance APIs

* Halo Pharma, a CDMO that provides scientific and development expertise, plus manufacturing services including many different dosage forms, from its locations in Whippany, New Jersey, and Montreal, Quebec

The company said that it is taking a “pivotal step” to address escalating drug shortages in the US and quality concerns that are disrupting patient access. This is largely driven by lack of reliable foreign supply, limited domestic manufacturing capacity and logistical bottlenecks.

“The COVID-19 pandemic exposed critical vulnerabilities in our drug supply chain,” said Noramco CEO Leo Karras. “Government responses, while well-intentioned, proved to be somewhat superficial, leaving the threat of future disruptions unaddressed. The formation of the Noramco Group is our proactive solution to some of these challenges.”

Noramco claimed that aligning these companies could “reduce overall complexity in industry processes, minimise logistics costs and improve regulatory compliance”. Companies working with NCEs will also get IP protection with a known domestic source.

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