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EFCG joins Critical Medicines Alliance

CEFIC sector group the European Fine Chemicals Group (EFCG), which represents some 350 API and fine chemical sites in Europe, has joined the Critical Medicines Alliance. This is a European Commission initiative that seeks to bring stakeholders together to share challenges and determine the most suitable actions to rebuild resilience in European medicine supply chains

“The more dependent Europe is on other regions, the more vulnerable its people are on products as fundamental as medicines,” said Maggie Saykali, CEFIC’s director of speciality chemicals, noting that Europe’s share of the API market has halved in the past 25 years. “Our goal is to strengthen Europe’s strategic autonomy and re-establish Europe as a major player in API manufacturing.”

The EFCG has outlined recommendations to achieve a resilient medicine supply chain in Europe. These include fostering supportive legislative policies for EU API manufacturers, emphasising sustainable growth and reshoring initiatives, investing in innovation and shifting the procurement focus on supply security and social-environmental standards.

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