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Brenntag presents new model

Brenntag, the world’s largest distributor of chemicals and ingredients, has unveiled a new two-division operating model under two COOs, which it will operate from January 2021. This is described as part of the ongoing ‘Project Brenntag’ transformation programme.

Brenntag Essentials, under Steven Terwindt, will essentially be the commodity side. It will market process chemicals across a wide range of industries and applications where cost-efficient delivery at competitive prices is the competitive driver. Meanwhile, Brenntag Specialties will focus on ingredients and value-added services that are used directly to make end products in the nutrition, pharma, personal care, HI&I, material science, water treatment and lubricants markets, which are all global and highly regulated. It will be headed by Henri Nejade.

“By setting up two global champions with a differentiated steering approach and addressing the diverse markets needs and expectations, we develop our company to lead our industry as preferred partner for customers and suppliers,” said CEO Christian Kohlpaintner. Terwindt and Nejade will join Kohlpaintner and CFO Georg Müller on the management board at the same time, along with a chief transformation officer (CTO), who has yet to be appointed. The CTO will take charge of the overall transformation process, including the digital transformation.

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