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Three join on biobased acrylic acid

Agrifood giant Cargill is joining forces with two French companies to further develop and scale biobased acrylic acid based on a lactic acid technology it licensed in from Procter & Gamble earlier this year. This is claimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in production by 50% compared with conventional means of production.

Further pharma investment at Lonza

Lonza has recently announced three specific investments in the pharma sector in recent weeks. It will build two new customer-dedicated conjugation suites for antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) at Visp, Switzerland, while adding particle engineering and drug product development at two sites in the US.

Sterling buys into ADC Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical CDMO Sterling Pharma Solutions has announced a new strategic partnership with ADC Biotechnology, a specialist in antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Both companies are UK-based.

Sterling will make an unspecified but significant investment in ADC Bio with a view to acquiring it in Q1 2021, subject to due diligence. The businesses will then work together to develop an integrated service offering for existing and potential customers, which combines ADC Bio’s expertise with Sterling’s in high potency small molecules.

CCU unit for sustainable methanol at Perstorpe

Under the newly announced Project AIR, Perstorp plans to build a first-of-its-kind, commercial-scale carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) unit to produce sustainable methanol via a combined CCU and gasification process at its site in Stenungsund, Sweden (pictured). Depending on securing grants to finance it, the aim is start producing in 2025.

Further GMP expansion in peptides for CordenPharma

CordenPharma has announced the approval of a long-term expansion initiative “to further increase our flexibility, efficiency and ultimately, cost-effective production” at its solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) in Boulder, Colorado. This follows the installation of an extra-large 3,000L SPPS vessel at the site earlier this year in response to growing demand for peptide APIs.

SOCMA moves Fort Worth show to April

SOCMA has announced a change of date for the first Specialty & Custom Chemicals Show under its ownership. The event, which the association bought in August, has been moved from February to 14-16 April 2021, still at the Omni in Fort Worth, Texas.

“Despite the recent resurgence of coronavirus cases, news of these vaccines has health experts targeting Q2 of 2021 as a beginning for a return to normalcy,” said SOCMA president and CEO, Jennifer Abril. Among the safety protocols that will be in place throughout will be:

* Daily health checks

* Mandatory masks

Further black pigment capacity for Lanxess

Lanxess has expanded its capacity for black synthetic iron oxide pigments at its Krefeld-Uerdingen site in Germany by over 5,000 tonnes/year. This is the world’s largest plant for these pigments.

The investment was made, according to Holger Hüppeler, head of the Inorganic Pigments business unit, because of growing demand from the construction industry, which is increasingly using black pigments to colour concrete. The Bayferrox 330 and 340 grades are widely used in concrete paving stones and roof tiles, and in architecture.

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