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About Speciality Chemicals Magazine


Launched 38 years ago, Speciality Chemicals Magazine is the leading publication dedicated to the fine and speciality chemicals industry. Our mission is to provide readers with the latest news and features on business, markets and technology.


Read by industry movers and shakers, each issue has sections dedicated to:




Our coverage has a technical and business focus, with a core emphasis on the life sciences. Content comprises articles from industry and academia, covering new developments related to each sector, as well as contributions from consultants, other experts, industry journalists and the editor.



Speciality Chemicals Magazine welcomes contributions from academia and industry.


News and commentaries: up to 200 words with one accompanying table or graphic;
Feature articles: typically up to 800 words with four tables or graphics.


Submissions should be made by email to the editor ([email protected]). We will let you know within three weeks if your contribution has been accepted for publication. All submissions are subject to review by the editor. If accepted, content may be edited and/or abridged, to ensure it is in line with the values, requirements and style of the magazine.


Articles not accepted for the magazine might be considered for online publication only. Online publications may also be included in our fortnightly newsletter.


Feature articles must have a technical (rather than marketing or promotional) focus. They may concentrate on a specific industry sector (for example, pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, cosmetics and personal care) but should be understandable to experts in all fields. To this end, please start your main article with a brief explanation of the topic and define abbreviations that might not be widely known. Where appropriate, facts cited in your article should be referenced. Intelligent insights into the state and future of industry are encouraged.


Headings should be no longer than 12 words and a short stand first is required, summarising the content of the article and giving the name and affiliation of the author, in under 30 words. Figures and tables should be numbered and each should be provided with a caption. Text should be submitted in Word format. Bar charts, line graphs and other graphical representations of data should be provided as separate files in an editable format (for example, xls). Chemical formulae should be provided in PDF format and photographs must have a minimum 300 dpi to enable colour printing.