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Olon to expand Indian site

Italian CDMO Olon Group has announced a €10 million, multi-year expansion plan for its production site in Mahad, India. This will increase its chemical synthesis capacity for intermediates and APIs by 45%, particularly for products in high demand where Olon is already the market leader.

The new production line will include reactors and filter dryers with all the necessary utilities. They will come into operation in Q2 2024, allowing for gradual further capacity growth until 2026. Olon also recently installed a new high-containment production line upgraded fermentation capacity at the site, as well as new systems for generating renewable energy.

Mahad, which is one of 11 plants in the company network, makes more than 20 APIs and intermediates for the rest of the group by synthetic route. It is particularly strong in the fermentation production of the rife family (rifampicin, rifaximin) and its intermediates.

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