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Fragrantly transparent

Consumer products giant Unilever has announced that it fully delivered on the commitment it launched in early 2017, to disclose fragrance ingredient information down to 0.01% of the product formulation by the end of 2018, in place of generic ‘fragrance’ or ‘Parfum’ labels. This covers over 3,000 different home, beauty and personal care products. Other companies are following suit, with Procter and Gamble committed to the same level of disclosure in North America by the end of 2019.


In the US, details are available via the digital platform SmartLabel, while in Europe, they are on the ‘What’s in our Products?’ section of Unilever websites, which also includes information on the company’s approach to developing safe products, explanations of ingredient types and answers to common questions. There is also an online search tool to enable people with fragrance allergies to find suitable products.

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