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Biosynth Carbosynth to buy in China

Together with Jinan Shengquan Group, Biosynth Carbosynth is to buy Kexing Biopharmaceutical’s raw material factory in Jinan, China. The facility covers over 30,000 m2 over five floors, with a demo workshop and a large warehouse including advanced storage of dangerous material.

The company, a supplier of reagents and custom synthesis and manufacturing services for multiple industries, said that this expands its production capacities significantly, as well as giving it “more flexibility and larger production volumes together with an increased production reliability … This is an essential prerequisite in the production of Biosynth Carbosynth’s products.”

In 2010, before its merger with Biosynth, UK-based Carbosynth established a joint venture with Jinan Shengquan in China called Carbotang. This, it said, “brought together the capabilities to extract rare sugars from natural resources such as corn cobs and the know-how to manufacture downstream products such as pharmaceutical precursors, cosmetic ingredients and applications in nutraceuticals”.

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