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Solvay in catechol JV

Solvay has formed a joint venture with Indian speciality chemicals manufacturer Anthea for the production of catechol derivatives. CatàSynth, as the venture is called is now completing a facility at Anthea’s Mangalore site, which will be fully operational in Q1 2020.

The products will include methylenedioxybenzene, heliotropin (piperonal) and helional, which are all used as ingredients in the flavours, fragrances, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. Anthea has been producing synthetic heliotropin, based on a patented manufacturing process, since 2010 and this will expand both its range and capacity.

Earlier, Solvay had announced that it had doubled capacity for its Rhovanil Natural Crystal White natural vanillin to 120,000 tonnes/year. This is made from ferulic acid via a bioconversion process and can thus be labeled natural or organic. The move came in response to growing demand for nature-identical flavour products, the company said.

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