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Peptide partnership

CEM and AmbioPharm, two firms based in the Carolinas, have formed a partnership for the production of GMP peptides for the pharmaceutical industry. Under this, AmbioPharm will have exclusive rights to use CEM’s large-scale microwave technology for solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) at up to multi-kilogram quantities using proprietary scalable reactors.

“The key benefits … are extremely rapid production times, the ability to efficiently produce more difficult peptide sequences and the ability to incorporate green chemistry protocols,” CEM stated. AmbioPharm is now implementing microwave synthesis into its operations at North Augusta.

Laboratory instrumentation firm CEM is also licensing to AmbioPharm the coupling methodologies it has optimised for elevated temperature reactions. This combines the coupling and deprotection reactions into a single step, using greener solvents that are more accessible using elevated temperatures.

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