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Oxea triples n-propanol production

Oxea, the world’s largest producer of n-propanol, has announced that it tripled its delivery volumes of n-propanol in Europe. This reflects very high demand from manufacturers of hand sanitisers in the Covid-19 crisis. The company claimed that certain studies show it to be more effective against viruses and bacteria at lower concentrations than other alcohols like ethanol and isopropanol.

The growing diversion of production to the biocide sector has also led to shortages in the printing sector, where alcohols are important raw materials for inks and are also used as solvents in packaging printing process. As demand is rising here too, Oxea has increased production of its ‘propyls’, comarising both n-propanol and n-propyl acetate.

Earlier, Oxea has lifted the force majeure declaration it made in February for 2-ethylhexanoic acid, propionaldehyde Europe and TCD alcohol at its site in Oberhausen, Germany (pictured). All are running at normal capacity again. The same declaration for ethylhexanol, n-butyraldehyde Europe, and n-butanol Europe should be lifted within April. Force majeure was declared due to a raw material supply issue, which has now been rectified.

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