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Minafin has bought Delmar

Minafin, owner of Minakem, Pennakem, Minagro and related brands, has revealed that it acquired Montréal-based Delmar in July. Terms were not disclosed. Delmar’s site, which will be rebranded Minafin Montréal, employs 100 and is approved by the US FDA and other regulatory agencies for API manufacture

This gives Minafin a base in North America for the first time, with new R&D, scale-up and commercial manufacturing resources. These will be integrated with sites at Beuvry-la-Forêt and Dunkerque in France, and Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, within the Industrial Department of the Health Chemicals Division. Delmar also has a portfolio of generic APIs.

Minafin added that the site “adds significant R&D capabilities, with an experienced team and a well-equipped laboratory, supported by substantial analytical development resources”. It has 174 m3 of reaction capacity, a plant dedicated to corticosteroid synthesis, manufacturing permits for controlled substances and veterinary AIs.

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