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Kao implements new production system

Japan’s Kao Corporation has introduced a new ‘dynamic cell production system’ for efficient, high-mix, low-volume manufacturing at its global cosmetics facility in Odawara. Test operations finished at the end of 2023, and operations will begin in stages shortly.

Kao developed the system in collaboration with B&R and Kyoto Seisakusho. It combines floating linear transport technology and robot technology “to freely transport and process each product individually, allowing products with different processes and processing times to be put and produced on the same production line at the same time”

The system also features advanced automation technology, enabling it to make two products at the same time. It can be operated by one person, while 24-hour shift operation will make capacity nine times higher than with the current eight-hour shift. The time needed to switch types of products is predicted to be reduced by around 60%.

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