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Croda wins fifth ‘Most Admired Companies’ award

Croda International has placed first in the chemical sector for the fifth year running in the Britain’s Most Admired Companies study for 2021. Overall, it placed eights of 280 companies in 27 sectors. Britain’s Most Admired Companies dates back to 1900 and is the UK’s longest running annual survey of corporate reputation. The winners are voted by 300 board representatives, analysts and City commentators, who rank companies from 0 (poor) to 10 (excellent) in 13 criteria.

Croda also scored first in all bar one, scoring between 7.4 and 8.5 in Quality of Management, Quality of Products and Services, Ability to Attract, Develop & Retain Top Talent, Long-Term Value Potential, Capacity to Innovate, Quality of Marketing, Effective Environmental, Social & Governance, Effective Use of Corporate Assets, Inspirational Leadership, Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Effective Corporate Governance and Competitiveness. The only exception was Financial Soundness, which was headed by BASF (UK) with 8.8. Second overall in chemicals was Synthomer, followed by Johnson Matthey, Victrex and BASF (UK).

Separately, the Croda Foundation has awarded an additional new restricted health care grant of £2 million. About half of this will support projects in South Asia, Africa and Brazil concerned with COVID vaccination delivery, infrastructure and health worker training. Further projects are in the pipeline. The foundation is part of Croda’s commitment to become ‘people positive’ by 2030 and was given charity status at the end of 2021. Its stated priority areas are “to improve health and wellbeing, reduce hunger and poverty, and protect and restore forest and ecosystems”.

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