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ACC highlights chemistry in sustainability

At its Responsible Care & Sustainability Conference on 7 May, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) released a new report, entitled ‘Sustainability Starts with Chemistry’, in order, it said “to highlight the crucial role the chemical industry plays in advancing sustainability progress around the globe”.

“The chemical industry has spent years developing and advancing sustainable solutions to address global challenges, from climate change to enabling clean air and water to waste reduction and more,” said Chris Jahn, president and CEO of the ACC. “Put quite simply, you cannot advance sustainable solutions without chemistry.”

Jahn pointed to solar panels and wind turbines, durable high-performance building materials, lightweight vehicle parts, advanced battery storage, high-tech electrical products and composite materials, among others, as key products of chemistry that are crucial to achieving sustainability.

The report, which can be downloaded from the ACC website, also highlights the progress ACC member companies are making to advance key sustainability priorities, such as 43% and 18% reductions in SOx and NOx emissions respectively since 2017 by Responsible Care companies.

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