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Feature article - Chemical risk management for the digital age

Elizabeth Dionasari of EcoOnline Global looks at how chemical risk management can be addressed with new technology

According to the International Labour Organisation’s statistical data on workplace accidents and diseases, health issues are the single biggest cause of work-related deaths globally.

Bachem automates SPPS

Bachem, the world market leader in peptides, has automated and digitalised one of its core business processes, solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS). The company describes this as the start of its journey to Industry 4.0. The process is described in detail on the company website (

AGC plays ‘Chopin’

Japan’s AGC has announced that it has developed an integrated operation and quality management system for chemical plants called ‘Chopin’. This follows test runs at a fluorinated resin ring plant at the Chiba site in 2019, which reduced working time by more than 11 hours/day and generated savings of Y100 million through more stable operation.

Feature article – Six digital keys to recovery for the chemicals industry

Paige Marie Morse, industry director of chemicals at AspenTech, looks at how chemical companies can use digitalisation to navigate in uncertain times

The current pandemic has presented chemical producers over the world with a raft of complex challenges. Across the industry, companies are being tested for their agility in learning how to navigate huge shifts in demand, supply, workforce and economics, as well as of their operational resilience and how they plan to emerge in a stronger position.

Feature article - Digital intelligence: The chemical industry’s best counter to rising risk & uncertainty?

David Dunn, global industry marketing lead for chemicals, at SAP, highlights the need for chemical companies to look at Industry 4.0 practices

Before 2020 spiralled into viral uncertainty, chemical manufacturers had the luxury of embracing digitalisation and Industry 4.0 practices on their own terms. No longer. The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the sense of urgency among chemical manufacturers to infuse their operations and their supply chains with Industry 4.0 capabilities.

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