Sarah Harding PhD

The end of an era…

and a fresh new start

Published: September 19, 2016 by S Harding

“There is nothing permanent except change” (Heraclitus)


Hello, and welcome to a new beginning. After 14 years of leading this publication, Dr Andrew Warmington is moving on to pastures new, and I have the huge honour of taking over as Editor of Speciality Chemicals Magazine.


Perhaps most exciting to me, personally, is the scope of industries that this magazine covers, and its unique place in managing to remain varied yet focused on so many different relevant and important topics. Having completed my PhD in horticulture, before leaving academia to launch a career in the pharmaceutical industry, this is a great opportunity to re-visit my roots in agrochemistry, yet simultaneously learn more about cosmetics, nanotechnology, oils and energies, and material science… to name just a few!


After working for 15 years in pharmaceuticals, I am familiar with the challenges of regulatory issues. The REACH registration deadline – a little over 18 months from now – is approaching quickly, and I hope that Speciality Chemicals Magazine might be able to help many of you to navigate some of those questions and challenges. If you have any thoughts on the types of regulatory articles would be most helpful to you, please let me know and I’ll do my best to include them in a timely manner.



Meanwhile, we are looking forward to CPhI in Barcelona next month. For the first time, Speciality Chemicals Magazine has its own stand (location 2J6D) and I hope many of you will come along and visit us. I certainly am looking forward to the chance to introduce myself to my new working community, and to learn about the pioneering research taking place.


I cannot express how delighted I am to find myself not only at the forefront of one of science’s most fascinating disciplines, but also in a position to communicate and share breaking news and innovations with a diverse audience that, in itself, is equally fascinating to me.


So finally, I would like to end by thanking Andrew most warmly and sincerely for leading this magazine to excellence over the past decade (and more!). Although I have welcomed you here, this issue is in fact his last one, and I hope you enjoy his final efforts. I also hope that as you read this, you might raise your coffee cup and salute him for his long-term dedication to chemistry, and for a job well done. We wish him all the best. Good luck Andrew!


Sarah Harding, PhD

Editor – Speciality Chemicals Magazine


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