SOCMA introduces Trump to speciality chemicals industry

Published: March 20, 2017

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) has sent a letter to President Donald Trump, introducing him to the specialty chemical industry, stressing its importance to the US economy, and thanking him for his focus on small business, employment and the economy.

Since 1921, SOCMA has represented a diverse membership of small, medium and large chemical companies located around the world bringing world-class support uniquely tailored to enhance the operational excellence of our member companies. SOCMA is the only US-based trade association dedicated solely to the specialty chemical industry, making it a leading authority on this sector.

The body holds advocacy as one of its prime roles. At the end of February SOCMA congratulated Wilbur Ross, the new Secretary of Commerce, saying, "We congratulate Secretary Ross on his confirmation and look forward to working with him on issues of great importance to our SOCMA members and the chemical industry at large... We urge the Secretary to keep in mind the impact to small and medium-size businesses when developing new policies and positions such as the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement and other trade agreements."

Now, SOCMA is reaching out to President Trump, with the hope of collaborating with the new Administration in finding ways to expand opportunities for the speciality chemicals sector.

"With a new administration now in place, this is the perfect time to reach out to President Trump and introduce our innovative industry and its impact on the lives of every American," said SOCMA President and CEO Jennifer Abril. "Our member companies employ more than 100,000 workers across the country and produce some 50,000 products – valued at $60 billion annually - that make our standard of living possible. We want President Trump to know that SOCMA members make materials that save lives, make our food supply safe and abundant and enable the manufacture of literally thousands of products that people use daily."

In the letter to President Trump, Abril also shares insight into how SOCMA believes burdensome regulations and discriminatory trade practices hurt not only SOCMA members but all American businesses.

"SOCMA member companies depend on a dynamic global supply chain to make products for global markets," she says. "Trade agreements are a way for chemical manufacturers to fairly access foreign marketing and positively contribute to the growth of the US economy, which can help grow the industry and create domestic manufacturing jobs.

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