Global Chemical Control Regulations

Published: July 10, 2017

For globally-acting companies, REACH is not the only regulatory challenge – it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Knoell´s conference on global chemical regulations provided an overview about the recent status and developments in chemical regulations, particularly in Asia and the Americas.

The 6th Symposium on Chemical Control Regulations in Asia & the Americas took place on 27th June in Cologne, involving 100 participants from 16 nations.

Stuart Niven (Knoell Switzerland) opened the symposium with an introduction to the Swiss Chemical Ordinance. Although very REACH-like, the Ordinance (which is applicable to new substances only) includes some unique features, of which manufacturers dealing with Swiss customers need to be aware. Niven then passed the floor to speakers who provided knowledge and expertise on regulatory requirements in Asia and the America.

(If you are interested in knowing more about the presentations described below, the symposium organizers will be sharing more details of the 2017 event in our next newsletter, in a feature article dedicated to the proceedings of this event.)


Anna Hitschler (BASF) spoke about the Taiwanese Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act (TCSCA), which is applicable to all new chemicals and some prioritized existing chemicals, and the Korean Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals (AREC), better known as “K-REACH”, was comprehensively introduced by In Woo Kim (Dr Knoell Consult).

Yixin Zhang (Knoell Netherlands) guided the audience through chemical regulations in China, with a special focus on Order No 7 of the Ministry of Environment (MoE), which covers registration of new chemicals. Special attention was given to the fact that China’s Order No 7 is even more demanding in terms of data requirements than REACH.

The Japanese CSCL has not been built on a REACH-like core, but is a long-established and comprehensive scheme on its own for the registration of new chemicals. Shiho Morita form Knoell Japan clearly laid out the different types of notification, the data requirements, the schemes for different types of risk assessments and a sophisticated polymer flow-scheme.

Last in the Asia circle was Gunnar Kahl from Dr Knoell Consult Thai, who spoke about the Hazardous Substance Act in Thailand as well as recent developments in Vietnam and Lao. Of note, Thailand is creating a chemical inventory and a notification scheme for new chemicals. Vietnam has already published a draft inventory late in 2016, and the final one shall be in place in 2018. After that, all chemicals not on the inventory will need to be notified as new chemicals.


Dan Bastian, Jeff Hafer (both Critical Path Services) and Roberto Latini (Latini Group) provided news about the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act (LCSA or new TSCA) and the current scenario in Brazil.

The US TSCA is under major revision. Hafer explained that the old TSCA’s requirements for “substantial evidence” for adverse effects and using “least burdensome measures” for risk management resulted in “insurmountable barriers to rational regulation”. This is expected to change with the revised Act.

Latini gave an overview about the chemical regulations in Brazil and the latest announcements of the Brazilian Commission of Chemical safety (CONASQ), which includes a future duty for the registration, assessment and control of industrial chemicals manufactured or imported in quantities exceeding 1 t/a.

Talking points

All presentations were followed by lively discussions, particularly because some countries are introducing either new or more stringent notification and registration schemes, which are considerably challenging for the chemical industry. These new requirements will not go away, so it is predictable that there is an intense need for events like this to spread new information and to discuss potential solutions to the new challenges.

Based on the positive feedback of participants and speakers, in 2018 Knoell will host another conference on global chemical regulations – this time in Frankfurt on 19th June, when all potential participants have mastered the last REACH deadline. Hope to see you in Germany next year!

For more information, contact Dr Michael Cleuvers, Managing Director - Industrial Chemicals & Biocides at Dr Knoell Consult on [email protected]


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