Clariant’s influences in personal care

Published: April 17, 2017

Nicolas Lasbistes, Global Technical Marketing Manager for Personal Care, Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties, tells Speciality Chemicals Magazine about current influences, trends and directions for Clariant at in-cosmetics Global, which took place in London, UK, on 4th to 6th April.

Nicolas Lasbistes, Global Technical Marketing Manager for Personal Care, Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties at Clariant

Influences: sustainability and innovation 

Before the show, the in-cosmetics Global team had said, “Sustainability, innovation and Brexit will head the billboard at in-cosmetics Global 2017….” Certainly, innovation and sustainability were at the forefront of Clariant’s activities at the show.

As stated by Lasbistes, “All of the developments presented by Clariant at in-cosmetics Global are influenced by innovation and sustainability, which are pillars of our company strategy. We see innovation as the starting point and sustainability the subsequent guidepost for our future-oriented value generation. This is the basis for all strategies in our businesses.”

These elements are evident, for example, in the direction of the new recipes and inspirational formulations linked to the second edition of Clariant’s BeautyForward personal care trend guide. Also, in the new Active Ingredients Unit, which focuses on bringing natural-inspired products to the market.

Lasbistes commented, “Our in-cosmetics highlights reflect Clariant’s innovation power and provide answers for the growing sustainability needs of the Personal Care market.”


Trends: individuality and indulgence

With regard to current trends, Lasbistes advised, “The customization trend recognises the fact that our skin changes on a weekly, if not daily basis, depending on the weather, how much sleep we’ve had, our diet – and that people want products that allow them to respond to its changing needs. As people become increasingly aware of their unique biology, brands are finding ways to tailor formulations and appeal to their sense of individuality and lifestyle.”

Lasbistes pointed to the emergence of a new crop of skincare ‘boosters’ as an obvious manifestation of this trend. These little concentrates will be packed with natural actives ingredients that give people unprecedented control over their skincare, allowing them to fine-tune it to their skin’s needs on a daily basis. You can add a couple of drops to your normal moisturizer to tone down redness, or boost hydration, reduce fine lines and radiance.

In addition, Lasbistes thinks that, “In a digitally driven world in which we feel ever more overloaded, people increasingly want not just functional results from beauty, but memorable indulging experiences and escape from the pressures of their everyday routines. In response to this we are seeing an exciting new trend for products that offer immersive experiences and sensory engagement. Hence there will increasing demand for rheo-modifiers offering new indulging textures.”

Markets in LatAm and Asia

Clariant recently opened a ‘haircare innovation centre’ in Brazil, placing their capabilities closer to this important market. Indeed, according to Lasbistes, it is today’s leading haircare market.

He explained, “Building a dedicated global competence center for haircare is an exciting step which will really strengthen our presence among the global haircare community. By locating it in Brazil, we are closer to the customers already present in the region. Brazil is a vibrant place to be and we are looking forward to extending the network we have already established with local partners, universities and institutes.”

As it is a global center, the centre’s scope will be beyond Latin America, and Clariant plans to develop solutions for customers around the world. The centre will take the global lead for projects that can help formulators address their own product development needs and the changing hair care trends of consumers.

However, Lasbistes says that on the other side of the world, the Asia Pacific haircare market is at saturation, although the skincare market is likely to have a strong influence on Clariant’s cosmetics business. “Last year, Clariant Personal Care and market research group Kantar TNS carried out a skin care consumer understanding study involving 1000 consumers in China and another 1000 in Indonesia,” he explained.

“This yielded some important information about skin problems in these countries. For example, 57% of the Indonesian respondents said they suffered from acne and blemishes, 46% had oily skin, 38% reported dullness, and 35% would like a product to reduce pores. In China, 38% complained of skin ageing and a similar number reported skin dullness. 33% had uneven skin color. Clariant active ingredient unit portfolio will be able to answer skincare needs such as acne and blemishes, pores and oily skin; glow and radiant skin and flawless skin.”

Why in-cosmetics Global?

Finally, we asked Lasbistes his opinion on the importance of shows like in-cosmetics Global for the speciality chemicals industry.

He replied, “Sector tradeshows are very important to intensifying our ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders. They enable us to get close to the customers, both existing and new, in a stimulating environment that’s very much focused on their needs. Having a presence at in-cosmetics reinforces our commitment to the Personal Care sector and it is a great opportunity for us to observe trends and get new ideas first-hand.”





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