BASF takes home 2017 EUROPUR Innovation Award

Published: July 10, 2017

BASF has been recognised for the innovative development of its Irgastab PUR 70 antioxidant for polyurethane foam at the annual European Association of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Manufacturers (EUROPUR & EURO-MOLDERS) event, held in Milan, Italy.

The European Flexible PU Foam Innovation Award was presented by EUROPUR and Urethanes Technology International. It recognises BASF for the development of a polyurethane foam anti-scorch additive – Irgastab PUR 70 – that prevents thermal-oxidative degradation of polyol and PUR flexible foam during foam manufacture and leads to extremely low emissions.

Left to Right: Michel Baumgartner (Secretary General, EUROPUR) presents the award to Cinzia Tartarini and Marie-Laure Bertet (BASF)

“We are extremely pleased to receive this honour,” said Alberto Giovanzana, BASF’s Vice President, Plastic Additives EMEA. “The committee that bestowed this award comprises all the major players in the polyurethane market. So, this is a global customer recognition of BASF’s continued contribution to the advancement of polyurethane technology and our continuous commitment to increase the sustainability benefits of our products.”

Foams made with Irgastab PUR 70 can be applied in different vehicle interior applications, including textile trim cover and moulded foam seats, and help OEMs and tiers meet continuously tighter requirements on interior vehicle emissions and odour.

This includes not only the more stringent European standards VDA 278 10/11, but also the new regulation GB/T 27630-2018 for interior air pollution assessment of passenger cars in China. The latter outlines stricter limits on eight harmful substances including aldehydes in the interior vehicle air that all new vehicles must meet by 2018.

To enhance air quality, Irgastab PUR 70 antioxidant works to efficiently stabilize free radicals that can degrade PU foam, thanks to a synergistic combination of amine-free/aromatic-solvents-free thermal stabilizers providing significant reduction of VOC, FOG and aldehydes.

Furthermore, Irgastab PUR 70 leads to extremely low discolouration during storage and end-use of foams. This makes it suitable for applications outside the automotive industry, such as in consumer products in which foam whiteness is important.

BASF is a leading supplier, manufacturer and innovation partner of plastic additives. The company claims to combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Further information can be found at



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