The future of sustainability at Circa

Published: April 17, 2017

Circa uses cellulosic waste to manufacture sustainable products that have the potential to replace conventional toxic and/or non-environmentally friendly chemicals commonly used in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and material science sectors. Tony Duncan, CEO and co-founder of Circa Group, spoke to Speciality Chemicals Magazine about the company and his plans for the future.

Foaming with success

Published: April 03, 2017

Zotefoams, a world leader in cellular materials technology, announced its financial results for the year ended 31st December 2016 in March. David Stirling, CEO of Zotefoams, spoke to Speciality Chemicals Magazine about the results, the company’s newest sites in China and the US, and other recent developments. Zotefoams is headquartered in the UK, with three additional manufacturing sites in the USA, and one in China. Using a process with environmentally-friendly nitrogen expansion, Zotefoams produces lightweight AZOTE polyolefin and ZOTEK high-performance foams. The company uses its own cellular materials to manufacture T-FIT advanced insulation for industrial markets, and it owns patented MuCell microcellular foam technology for extrusion applications. CEO David Stirling (DS) spoke to Sarah Harding (SH) about Zotefoams, the latest financial results, and strategic developments at the company.

ExxonMobil Isopar launch

Published: April 03, 2017

ExxonMobil has completed a new Isopar production unit in the south of England, strengthening the company’s range of specialized chemical products. The development allows Isopar production to be consolidated to one site, while improving flexibility and adding capacity to meet growing global chemical demands.

SONGWON ends a good year with steady growth

Published: April 03, 2017

SONGWON Industrial Group has released financial results for the 2016 financial year. In terms of sales, it was a very positive year overall for the organization, with almost all product lines contributing to the Group’s growth despite the ongoing challenging economic environment. Sales in 2016 totalled $622 million, with gross profit margin widening to 25.6%.

Al Bly retires from water treatment industry

Published: April 03, 2017

Al Bly, the founder and former CEO of U.S. Water is retiring from the water treatment industry after 31 years. In a letter to current U.S. Water CEO LaMarr Barnes, Al expressed his gratitude to those who were part of his journey with the company. His generous recognition of those who contributed to his success remind us why Al was such a great leader.

InformEx/CPhI North America 2017 Preview

Published: April 03, 2017

New for 2017, CPhI North America will run adjacent to InformEx, promising wider access and greater opportunities to make valuable connections and grow your business. The events take place from 16th to 18th May at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Finnish start-up revolutionizes emissions mapping

Published: April 03, 2017

Finnish cleantech start-up Aeromon has developed a unique platform for rapidly mapping more than 70 different industrial emissions. By deploying sensors in static, hand-held and drone-mounted configurations, Aeromon uses its cloud-based service to fluidly analyse emissions patterns in any industrial setting, including those that previously proved difficult to access. This enables Aeromon clients to save more time and resources than ever before when managing the environmental effects of their operations, and to protect members of the public from potential unforeseen hazards.

Focus on quality at DC Fine Chemicals

Published: March 20, 2017

With a view to continuous improvement, DC Fine Chemicals has built a new QC laboratory in its facility near Barcelona, Spain. Sarah Harding, Editor, spoke to Lenny Loeb, Director at DC Fine Chemicals, about the new facility, maintaining quality in the supply chain, and the company’s future (with Brexit in mind).

The lighter side of heavy water

Published: March 20, 2017

As explained by Andrew Thomas Burton Stuart, President & CEO of Isowater Corporation, deuterium oxide has a wide range of uses. He and other experts at Isowater have been speaking to Speciality Chemicals Magazine about the growing use of deuterium oxide in pharma applications.   When water contains a high amount of deuterium (the ‘heavy hydrogen’ isotope; 2H), it is known colloquially as ‘heavy water’, or more formally as deuterium oxide (2H2O). Whereas protium (1H) has no neutron in the nucleus, the nucleus of deuterium contains one proton and one neutron, making it about twice as heavy as the more common isotope.

WACKER announces €5.4 billion sales

Published: March 20, 2017

On presenting its annual report on 14th March, WACKER announced that Group sales for 2016 came in at €5.40 billion, up 2% year over year (2015: €5.30 billion). The rise was mainly due to higher volumes. EBITDA – earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization – totalled €1,101.4 million in 2016 (2015: €1,048.8 million). This corresponds to an EBITDA margin of 20.4% (2015: 19.8%). Although special income from advance payments retained and damages received from solar customers was much lower than in 2015, EBITDA in 2016 was 5% above the prior-year value. Special income totalled €20.3 million in full-year 2016 (2015: €137.6 million). Adjusted for this effect, EBITDA reached €1,081.1 million (2015: €911.2 million), a rise of around 19%.



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