A new platform for the polyurethane industry

Published: June 08, 2017

PSE Europe is a new trade show that is intended to help build new markets for the polyurethane industry across the EMEA regions. Taking place at the MOC Veranstaltungscenter Munich in Germany, this inaugural event will take place from 27th to 29th June 2017.

Philadelphia hosts successful CPhI North America|InformEx 2017

Published: May 23, 2017

CPhI’s inaugural event in the North American market breathed new life into InformEx as more than 7000 people gathered alongside more than 550 exhibitors in central Philadelphia on 16-18 May. We met with Angelini, Cambrex, CordenPharma, Daikin, Flamma, Hovione, PCI Pharma Services, Navin Fluorine, Norac Pharma, Optima Chemical, REACHLaw, Robinson Brothers, SOCMA, Vertellus, Zeon and others, to discuss news, views and opportunities in North America.

MAH pilot provides opportunities for pharma in China

Published: May 22, 2017

The pilot plan for a Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) system is a revolutionary process in the development of biopharmaceutical innovation in China. As well as making it easier for China’s biotechs to progress their own products, the scheme allows overseas drug license holders to use contract facilities in China, enabling easier access to the market. China is an emerging giant in the pharma sector, with around 6,500 pharmaceutical manufacturing companies producing 1,500 types of APIs. The biggest production volumes are for Vitamins C & E, penicillin and paracetamol. In addition, there are 16,000 medical device and equipment manufacturing companies, which produce about 3,000 kinds of products such as MRI and CT.

Gelest launches D5 alternative

Published: May 22, 2017

Gelest has unveiled its new SiBRID TM-31, a personal care silicone vehicle with solubility and volatility characteristics similar to cyclomethicone (D5).

1Q17 growth for BASF, Clariant, Dow and Wacker

Published: May 22, 2017

Financial results for the first quarter of 2017 show that sales and earnings are above last year’s first quarter at BASF (up 19%), Clariant (9%), Dow Chemical (24%) and Wacker (8%), providing further evidence for an upturn in the global chemicals industry.

Perstorp presents new organic acid for animal feed

Published: May 22, 2017

The global need to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry has fuelled the search for alternatives. Now, the Perstorp Group has introduced ProPhorce Valerins – glycerol esters of valeric acid to be used in feed to promote animal performance.

Quantum dots shine bright with ROMIL solvents

Published: May 22, 2017

ROMIL solvents are helping researchers at the Cavendish Laboratory, the University of Cambridge’s Department of Physics, to develop novel quantum dots that could be used in the next generation of solar panels.

International Meeting on Synthetic Biology

Published: May 21, 2017

SB7.0, the Seventh International Meeting on Synthetic Biology, will take place on 13-16 June 2017 at the National University of Singapore. The meeting is jointly organized by the BioBricks Foundation, SynBioBeta and the National University of Singapore. “The field of synthetic biology has made significant technical progress since SB1.0 took place at MIT back in 2004,” said Drew Endy of Stanford University and the BioBricks Foundation. “Gene synthesis costs have been reduced 200-fold, all of Boolean logic has been realized across a diversity of organisms, and biosynthesis via 30 enzyme pathways is becoming routine,” he added. But what’s missing, what’s next, and to what ends? Biology is central to all of human existence and nature. Synthetic biology is already being used to change or challenge almost every facet of today’s world from provisioning foods, fuels, medicines, and clothing, to enabling new modes of critical design, fashion and art. As our science and tools continue to evolve, everyone needs to work together to articulate what challenges, puzzles and problems must be addressed or avoided.

Munich to host ChemSpec Europe 2017

Published: May 12, 2017

ChemSpec Europe 2017, which takes place from 31st May to 1st June, is the 32nd edition of this highly successful industry event. This year it takes place in Munich, South Germany’s central location for the chemical industry, renowned for pharmaceuticals, plastics, colours and coatings, personal care products and chemical fibres.

2M Holdings acquires CE-02 Trockeneis

Published: May 01, 2017

2M Holdings, a portfolio of chemical distribution and related services companies, including Banner Chemicals, Surfachem, MP Storage & Blending, Packed Chlorine, SampleRite UK, SampleRite China, and Stowlin Croftshaw, has added CE-O2 Trockeneis to its group.



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